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Custom Homes

A custom home is a mirror image of who you are. It reflects your lifestyle and lets people get a sense of your personality. Done correctly, it will enhance your quality of life.


You have this dream for what you want your house to look like. You have put a lot of thought into it. From what you desire the kitchen to be like to the molding in the bathroom, you have this picture perfect idea of how your dream home should be. Why not work with a builder who can create that picture exactly the way you imagine it?


Englund Construction is known for creating the home that fits you and your needs.


Let us build your dream together!



Remodeling is a big part of Englund Construction's business. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to major renovations and additions, Englund Construction works closely with our clients to make sure their vision becomes a reality.


Land Development/Investments

We work with investors interested in buying land and developing the area. Please contact us for more information.