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Clyde Hill Addition/Remodel:


It is our pleasure to recommend the services of Tad Englund, Englund Construction, as we recently successfully completed a home remodel under his direction.  This is the second time we have contracted with Englund Construction in the past 15 years. Our small one-level post WWII era house was initially expanded in 1994, where at our request he turned a little house into a two-story traditional New England “salt box” design.


With the addition of a new family member, it became a priority to expand again, and we knew from experience that we could count on Tad's many years of construction experience, and his eye for good design to turn our home into a bit larger home without sacrificing the integrity of the colonial design interior and exterior.


The phrase “client satisfaction” takes on new meaning under Englund Construction. No part of any construction project is too small to escape Tad’s personal attention. Tad works with a network of skilled suppliers who are available to ensure high quality materials and workmanship. He is committed to meet your c onstruction time line and budget.


Lyn Adams and Greg Roe
Clyde Hill, WA